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“Jump, Run, and Shout!” – Our Second Action Song for Kids

Action Songs for Kids – In Preparation for the Sunny Season

Wether it’s the last days of school before the summer holidays, or during a summer school / kindergarten / preschool program – teachers always need something to liven up the classroom and help their kids shake off some of the ants in their pants! If you need a quick mental break and physical boost for your kids (and yourself), put on a fun song and shake your hips! It is amazing how in just a few minutes, everyone feels refreshed, invigorated, and ready for whatever comes next.


“Song Of Twos” – Inspirations for our New Counting Song

JoshGuitar befunkyCounting in Pairs Song

Many of you might have noticed our love for retro style music and animation by now 😀

We think that the warm, colourful and whimsical style from the 60s and 70s are just perfect to create beautiful children’s songs and videos.

Especially for this song, which we wanted to be very dreamy, we wrote a simple melody to be produced with soft vocals, acoustic guitars, flutes, and some strings. We really like how the lyrics turned out. They are not just about counting by twos, but more about the number 2 representing the meaning of ‘togetherness’ and ‘pairs’.


Goodbye Song for Kids

Goodbye Song for Kids – A Fun Routine Song to End the School Day

I truly admire preschool and kindergarten teachers. They are able to manage a classroom full of “energetic” children with love, patience, and efficiency – while staying flexible to handle any surprises.

When I look back at our years as teachers, I remember how important it was to establish daily routines with the students – no matter how old the students were. Those routines were helpful to keep a certain structure and rhythm in our classrooms in the midst of all the different special programs.

We therefore decided to write a “Goodbye Song” for kids in addition to our “Good Morning Song” we wrote a short while ago. It is the perfect song to sing along while cleaning up and getting ready to go home! Again, we kept the lyrics fairly simple to make it easy for young kids (and young learners of English) to sing along.


Good Morning and Welcome Song for Kids

 Writing a Good Morning Song

Hi folks!

Here are a couple of pictures of us at the studio, recording our new song “Good Morning”.We wanted to come up with a song that’s cheerful and happy, with a groove that reflects the hustle and bustle of an excited person in the morning. So we went for a bouncy motown/gospel arrangement, and we love the outcome!  (more…)

Rain, Rain, Go Away – Illustrations for a New Preschool Song

Hi everyone!

We are excited to start the new year with a fun collaboration with ELF Learning, a language school, Youtube channel, and publisher of teaching materials for children, based in Japan. Together with Eric, the founder of ELF Learning, we arranged and created a new video featuring the classic nursery rhyme “Rain, Rain, Go Away”.


Caterpillar Song Project – Part 2
Caterpillar Song Project – Part 2

More Brainstorming for the Caterpillar Song

It has been three months already since we started our first drafts for the Caterpillar Song Video. We have been diligently working on our usual tasks, such as producing weekly videos, creating print materials, and promoting our Youtube channel – there is always so much to do!

In the meantime, my Caterpillar Song ideas patiently sat in the corner of my mind, marinating and fermenting in a sauce of constantly changing ideas.


Caterpillar Song Project – Part 1
Caterpillar Song Project – Part 1

Why Write a Caterpillar Song?

It’s the end of March, and spring has definitely arrived here in Vancouver, Canada. With each day we break away from our computers and decide to take a quick walk around the block, we see our streets become more and more colourful.

Inspired by all the transformation happening around us, Josh came up with a whimsical, waltzy tune, and we decided it should be a caterpillar song. What better and more beautiful example can you pick to show the wonders of transformation?


Counting by Fives – Creating a Country-Style Song and Animation Video

The Singing Walrus presents “Counting by Fives”! 

After finishing our last music video, “Counting by Tens”, we felt that it was time to write a song that teaches how to count by fives, from 5 to 50. This time we decided to create a country song, with a talented trio of cows singing in beautiful harmonies!