Caterpillar Song - Creating a Music Video

Caterpillar Song Project – Part 2

More Brainstorming for the Caterpillar Song

It has been three months already since we started our first drafts for the Caterpillar Song Video. We have been diligently working on our usual tasks, such as producing weekly videos, creating print materials, and promoting our Youtube channel – there is always so much to do!

In the meantime, my Caterpillar Song ideas patiently sat in the corner of my mind, marinating and fermenting in a sauce of constantly changing ideas.

Should the two caterpillars live on a lonely tree, to show their seclusion from the world? Or should they be surrounded by a thick forest, to depict their sheltered and oblivious life?

caterpillar blogpost 2 pic 1


What kind of perspective should I chose for each scene?

caterpillar blogpost 2 pic 3


How easy would it be to animate a crawling caterpillar? Will I be able to handle the new version of the software? What colours should I chose for each scene? The list of thoughts goes on an on.boy caterpillar croppedgirl caterpillar cropped





Here is a storyboard for the first part of the song. It roughly outlines the order of the scenes.

caterpillar storyboard new

I must admit I am enjoying this brainstorming stage a lot – which is unusual for me! I tend to be rather eager to ‘get things going fast’, but this project teaches me patience. I feel like a caterpillar who is learning to trust in the natural development of life!

Stay tuned for more sketches and thoughts (I will post the new storyboard soon)! I am happy to be able to share this process with you guys  😀



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