Counting by Fives - A fun music video created by The Singing Walrus

Counting by Fives – Creating a Country-Style Song and Animation Video

The Singing Walrus presents “Counting by Fives”! 

After finishing our last music video, “Counting by Tens”, we felt that it was time to write a song that teaches how to count by fives, from 5 to 50. This time we decided to create a country song, with a talented trio of cows singing in beautiful harmonies! 

Cow Trio

Just like in our other counting songs, “Counting by Fives” does not only show the numbers (the shapes of the digits), but also gives an example of actually counting objects. How, when, and why do you count by fives? And so we came up with a new character named Billy, who is (of course) a cowboy, and who loves to count in fives. He was perfect for our country song   😀

Billy loves to count by fives...

Billy loves to count by fives…

 Count by Fives Storyboard

To show the children the whole counting process from 5 to 50, we decided to show the entire train of 50 monkeys during the third chorus, counting each wagon with Billy. 

Why monkeys? Because children love random, nonsense surprises! The sillier, the better!

Billy Train chorus


Here are the lyrics of “Counting by Fives”:

5, 10, 15, 20
25, 30, 35
40, 45, 50

(Verse 1)
Billy is a cowboy,
A cowboy with a horse,
Billy goes to many places,
On his horse of course (of course!)

Billy travels all the time,
Even late at night,
He likes to look around and count,
And he likes to count by fives!

5, 10, 15, 20
25, 30, 35
40, 45, 50

(Verse 2)
Billy sees a train,
With monkeys passing by,
The monkeys sit in wagons,
Each wagon has five

The train is very long,
So Billy is surprised,
He opens up his eyes real wide,
And starts to count by fives!

(Chorus x 2)
5, 10, 15, 20
25, 30, 35
40, 45, 50


We truly appreciate all of our visitors’ wonderful comments and feedback! Just the thought of children around the world singing our songs and learning new skills fills us with joy and greater ambitions! Yeeehaw! 


Band Barn chorus

Counting by Fives - Singer ready for the country song


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