"Song Of Twos" - Inspirations for our New Counting Song - The Singing Walrus

“Song Of Twos” – Inspirations for our New Counting Song

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Many of you might have¬†noticed our love for retro style music and animation by now ūüėÄ

We think that the warm, colourful and whimsical style¬†from the 60s and 70s are just perfect to create beautiful children’s songs and videos.

Especially for this song, which we wanted to be¬†very dreamy, we wrote¬†a simple melody to be produced with¬†soft vocals, acoustic guitars, flutes, and some¬†strings. We really like how the lyrics turned out. They are not just about counting by twos, but more about the number 2 representing the meaning of ‘togetherness’ and ‘pairs’.




Counting In Twos Lyrics

Song of Twos

(Verse 1)

With my two eyes I saw two birds
up in the sky so blue
up in the sky they flew
singing the song of twos

With my two feet I walk and walk
so I get close to you
so like the birds we too
can sing the song of twos


2, 4, 6, 8
10, 12, 14
16, 18, 20
Sing the song of twos
(repeat numbers)
That’s how you count by twos

(Verse 2)

With my two ears I love to hear
your voice when I feel blue
your voice so sweet and true
singing the song of twos

And even in the darkest nights
a melody comes through
a melody for two
I hear the song of twos


Learning How To Do Frame By Frame Animation

Just as we were brainstorming visual ideas and matching up our goals with reality (i.e. deadlines and limited animation skills), we saw an ad for an upgrade of our animation software from Anime Pro 10 to Anime Pro 11! One of the great features of Anime Pro 11 is the option of using frame by frame animation Рperfect for abstract animation full of transformations and movement. Should we get the upgrade and try it out? Of course we should!

After hours and hours of furious tutorial-watching and practice sessions, we managed to create a fun animation using this old (but for us brand new) technique. Here is an example of what we created with frame by frame animation:

Children, toddlers and preschoolers all love watching magical transformations as they truly enjoy everything that triggers their imagination. We hope that our music and videos will just do that: trigger their imagination and enrich their lives :)


Screenshots of Song of Twos


  1. http://thesingingwalrus.com/blog/inspirations-for-our-new-counting-song/ My family love this song: 'The Song of Twos.' The singing is so lovely. Such a sweet voice. We are wondering who the singer is as we would love to hear more of her songs. The lyrics are inspired too and work so well together. It reminds my husband & I of 'Eternal Flame' sung by Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles. Please leave an answer as to who is singing and writing these songs as well so that we can hear more. Thank you. Sincerely, The Richards Family.
    Reply August 15, 2017 at 12:30 pm
    • Ja-Hae Oh
      A big hello to the Richards Family! This is the singer of 'The Song of Twos' ūüėĀ. Thank you so much for your lovely comment ūüėć, and sorry for replying so late. For some reason, we didn't see your comment until now. Anyway, it is an honour to be compared to Susanna Hoffs. I think she is a great singer, and I looove the song 'Eternal Flame'! While most of our songs are a collaboration of Josh and I, 'The Song of Twos' is one that I composed on my own. It started out as a progression of chords on my acoustic guitar, and the lyrics and melody slowly came to me as I followed the gentle flow of the music. Josh took the simple acoustic draft and added strings and other arrangements. If you are looking for more songs with my voice in it - well, ALL songs of The Singing Walrus are sung by me! I just sound slightly different in each song, depending on the style of the song (funk, motown, rock, pop etc.). There are a few songs which mostly reflect my 'natural' voice: 'The Song of Twos', 'Weather Song', 'Row your Boat', 'Goodbye Song', 'Primary Colors Song', just to name a few. I hope this answers your questions! Thank you again for your kind words, and we will think of you next time we compose another dreamy tune ‚̧ԳŹ. Please say hi to your kids! Cheers, Ja-Hae Oh
      Reply August 31, 2017 at 11:12 am
  2. Elaine Richards
    Hello again, Ja-Hae Oh, Josh & everyone at The Singing Walrus. It is now my turn to apologize to you for an even tardier reply. I was on holiday and used my niece's computer to post my comment and so took a photo of my comment and the url for this page as I could not bookmark it. I couldn't find the photo I took of my comment until today. I came across it by accident as I chose family photos for my Dad to make him a photo album in England. I, we, appreciate your sweet words in response to our comment on your beautiful singing and song writing. We still listen to the song most days as it is so melodious. My children, my husband and I love the visuals and the words and voice to 'The Song of Twos.' I listened to & enjoyed the 'Primary Colors Song you recommended and will listen to more of your songs at the Singing Walrus official site. I thought I heard your voice on other songs but was not certain as you can change your voice to sound like different singers. Your site is so educational and my kids (2&6) love to count by fives and to 100 and so much more from your videos. They love all the cute animal animation too. So thank you and keep up the great work! We will be watching and listening. Sincerely, The Richards Family ;)
    Reply November 30, 2017 at 2:50 am

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