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Numbers Song 1-20: A Fun Counting Challenge for Kids

Another Counting Song Done!

We have now written quite a few counting songs for kids, so that we decided to group them together in a separate playlist on our Singing Walrus Youtube channel: “Counting Songs and Videos for Kids“.

…and today we finished another one!

A Video To Practice Counting from 1-20

“Numbers Song 1-20 for Kids” is short and simple. There are hardly any lyrics at all. The only words that occur throughout the song (besides counting) are the two lines:

Count, count, count with me
Count with me from one to twenty

The only challenge in this song is to do three rounds of counting from 1-20 – getting faster with each time!

You can find a more detailed summary of the video content HERE.


Screenshots of the Numbers Song 1-20


numbers 1-20 and a red crab

Good old Mr. Crabby greeting the children :)

lyrics of numbers song with four characters singing

Dog, Bear, Cat, and Pig having a blast


numbers 1-6 on the left, number 7 on the right, four cartoon characters singing

We love these retro looking numbers!

numbers 1-20 and four characters singing

The screen becomes more and more interesting as the song speeds up

20 stars next to four singing characters sitting in a rocket

Counting stars at the speed of light!


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