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Songs & Videos for Kids

Learning Songs and Video Lessons for Preschool and Kindergarten

Welcome to our collection of free educational songs and videos for kids! Here you can find simple and catchy songs,  engaging video lessons, and fun games around topics such as the alphabet, numbers, colours, and many more. Our videos are great for children from preschool and kindergarten to young ESL learners in elementary school. Since they are short, easy, and to the point, it is easy to incorporate them in a lesson plan, or to quickly show them at home. Since we know that teachers and parents are busy people, we also created free printable materials to use with our videos.

Click on the images below to access the videos available for each category. 

Numbers and Counting

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General Vocabulary

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Nursery Rhymes

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Alphabet Songs and Video Lessons

Alphabet Writing Lessons

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Find the Letter Series

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ABC Lullaby

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