Counting from 1-10 song - The Singing Walrus

Counting from 1-10 song

Song Title: Counting from 1-10

Video length: 2:40

Song description: 

This numbers song is structured in an intuitive call and response format, so that children are encouraged to repeat each line, in every chorus. The music is energetic and engaging with a bouncy rhythm. At the end of this numbers song, children are challenged to count backwards from 10 to 1.

Video content:

Mother Hen, Bear, Cat, Dog, and Pig watch ten chicks hatch from their eggs. As Mother Hen counts her chicks and walks them down to the beach, everyone counts along.

Pig plays a prank to one of the chicks by handing her ten gigantic balloons, knowing that the balloons would take her into the air. As soon as the chick takes the balloons, she shoots off into the sky, but she manages to get back on the ground by gradually releasing one balloon at a time (counting them as she goes).

Meanwhile, Mother Hen and the other characters meet Mr. Crabby on the beach, who proudly says that he can count backwards, from ten to one.

As all the characters count backwards together and continue their walk over to a cliff, they see how Pig is being sent into the air in a hot air balloon by a happy little chick.

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