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Counting from 10-20 song

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Song Title: Counting from 10-20

Video length: 2:26

Song description: 

This song practices the numbers from ten to twenty in a call and response format. The music has lush 1960s-style instrumentation with a melody that is very easy to follow. The numbers song also features a fun breakdown section where students can participate by following body movement (dance) instructions.

Video content:

Our main characters (Bear, Cat, Dog, and Pig) are playing outdoors, looking at different things in the forest through a looking glass. They detect the numbers 10-20 hidden in various objects, such as a spider web, a tree trunk, or on the bellies of two owls.

Suddenly, a UFO appears above their heads, and a robot lands in front of them to teach them a quick dance. As they finish the dance with three claps, the characters find themselves on the UFO, flying through space and counting stars from 10 to 20.

The song ends with the characters jumping around on the moon in their space suits!


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