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Skip Counting by 2s Song / Counting in 2s

Song Title: Skip Counting by 2s Song / Counting in 2s 

Video length: 3:25

Song description: 

“Song of Twos” is a lovely song for young children who are practicing counting in 2s. The music has a distinctly 1960s style, with beautiful, melodic verses that transition to lush, upbeat choruses, matched by retro 1960s/1970s style animation, similar to Schoolhouse Rock.

The song not only teaches skip counting by 2s, but also celebrates the number 2 as a symbol of love, togetherness, and friendship – expressed in dreamy images throughout the animation. The lyrics also talk about body parts that come in pairs: two eyes, two ears, and two feet. 

This counting song is perfect both native English speakers and intermediate / advanced ESL/EFL students!

Video content:

When you read the lyrics, you will quickly notice that this song feels more like a love song, or a song that a mother would sing to her child. Each verse starts with a pair of body parts (eyes, ears, and feet) that witness the love and trust of a close person. The animation is full of transformations: two cats eyes turn into two birds, two foot prints turn into  two rabbits, musical notes turn into a forest of trees with birds, and so on!

While the verses are slow and dreamy, the chorus is a fast and lively count from 1 to 20! A magic hat appears on screen that spits out the numbers one by one, in a colourful display. 

Check out our blog post about the making of this video! 

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