Multiply by 2s Song by The Singing Walrus

Multiply by 2s Song

Song Title: Multiply by 2s Song 

Video length: 4:27

Song description: 

Our “Multiply by 2 Song” is not only a simple math song, but also carries a message that promotes mindfulness in children. It shows that multiplying material possessions can be exciting, but in order to be happy, you just need to find the joy in your heart. :)

This song should work as a great teaching supplement of basic math skills for kindergarten, preschool, elementary school, homeschooling, and young learners of English (intermediate ESL/EFL).
The chorus is very catchy – sing along with your kids!

Video content:

Our Magic Hat has the power to double anything in sight! He proudly shows you how he multiplies all kinds of things by 2, starting from 1 ball and finishing with 20 robots. However, he also shows you that there is one thing where you don’t need his magical help but is easy to do for anyone – being happy! Simply find the joy in your heart and multiply it by 2. It’s easy to do :D. 

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