Number Song 1-20 For Children - The Singing Walrus

Number Song 1-20 For Children

Song Title: Number Song 1-20 for Children

Video length: 2:11

Song description: 

Our Number Song 1-20 for Children is very energetic and has the perfect tempo for kids to practice counting. In fact, the music is based on our highly popular Action Song! The children are challenged to count from 1-20 three times, each time counting faster than before!

Video content:

At the beginning of the video, Mister Crabby greets the children and tells them that they are going to count from 1-20 three times, going faster and faster. Our four main characters (Bear, Cat, Dog, and Pig) soon appear and lead into the first counting part with a simple chant: “Count, count, count with me! Count with me from one to twenty!”.

To make the growing speed even more exciting, the background starts showing colourful circle patterns expanding over the screen, until, in the last part of the video, the background turns into the space with rotating stars. Our characters sit in a rocket and count 20 stars as fast as they can. :)

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