General Topics for Preschool and Kindergarten - The Singing Walrus

General Topics for Preschool and Kindergarten

Weather song


Rainbow Colors song

Rainbow colors website thumb

Fruit song

fruit song thumb square

Goodbye song

Good bye song thumb square

Summer Vacation Song


Clean Up Song

Clean Up Song Thumb square 3000 - Frame 1

Friends Song

Friends Song thumb

Shapes song

Shapes song website thumb

Summer Song

Summer song website thumb

Action song

Action Song square thumb - Frame 1

Goodbye Friends Song

goodbye friends thumb

Planets song

Planets Song Thumb square 300

Months of the Year Song


Animal Sounds Song

Animal Song thumb


Days of the Week song

Days of the week website thumb

Transportation song

Transportation song website thumb

Good Morning song

Good morning square thumb

3D Shapes song


Jump, Run, and Shout!


Hello Song

Hello Song thumb - frame 1

Vegetable Song

Vegetable song thumb - Frame 1