3D Shapes Song - The Singing Walrus

Song Title: 3D Shapes Song 

Video length: 3:31

Song description: 

The Singing Walrus presents “3D Shapes Song” – an upbeat, funky song that is easy for kids to sing along. Our 3D Shapes Song teaches the shapes cube, cone, sphere, and cylinder – ideal for teachers and parents who are introducing 3D shapes to their kindergarten kids for the first time.

Each verse introduces one shape as a simple call-and-response chant. The lyrics are kept simple, so that even young learners of English can easily repeat the words.

Video content:

The 3D Shapes music video that shows each 3D shape from all sides (rotating), so that the kids get an idea how they look all around. During each verse, a 3D object (dice, party hat, ball, soda can) is shown next to the 3D shape so that kids can see examples in everyday life.

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