English Action Song for Kids - The Singing Walrus

English Action Song for Kids

Song Title: Action Song

Video length: 3:38

Song description: 

Our English “Action Song for Kids” is a funky and bouncy dance tune that reminds you of the motown-like pop songs for kids in the 80s. It is very ‘danceable’, yet not too fast, so that children can easily sing and dance along.

Video content:

Our Action Song introduces the English verbs “clap”, “stomp”, “swing”, “dance”, “sing”, jump”, “touch”, and “shake”. During the verses, our robot and the little chicks present a funky choreography on the dance floor, following the dance instructions (the actions) of the song.  The chorus is simple – this is the time when the kids can just relax and dance however they want! On the screen, Mother Hen and the band are singing their hearts out, while the chicks sing along, showing off their individual dance moves.

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