Goodbye Song for Kids - The Singing Walrus

Goodbye Song for Kids

Song Title: Goodbye Song

Video length: 3:13

Song description: 

“Goodbye Song” is a medium-paced and easy song for preschoolers and kindergarteners. This song gives kids a fun way to tidy up and get ready to go home from school. We wrote this song for preschool and kindergarten teachers who might need a daily routine song to end the school day in a fun and engaging way!

Because of the easy and repetitive lyrics, our “Goodbye Song” is perfect for both native English speakers and young learners of English as a second language.

Video content:

Mother Hen sings the first verse and chorus to her chicks, who are busy tidying up the school before they head home. During the second verse and chorus, the chicks sing together as they continue to clean up the learning area. In the final verse and chorus, Mother Hen and the chicks sing together while riding the bus home!

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