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Months of The Year Song for Kids

Song Title: Months of The Year Song

Video length: 3:47

Song description: 

Our “Months of the Year Song” is, just like our “Days of the week song”, an easy and interactive song for kids to memorize all the months of the year. 

Mr. Crabby encourages the children to sing with Mother Hen, as she leads the song – slowly, then quietly, then loud, then fast!

Video content:

The structure of the Months of the Year Song is very similar to our Days of the Week Song.

As the song starts, Mr. Crabby greets the children and asks them to listen to Mother Hen sing the first verse. When the second verse starts, Bear, Cat, Pig, and Dog appear to sing along. Mr. Crabby encourages the audience to repeat after Mother Hen. The third and fourth verse are sung quietly and loud. Last but not least, everybody is encouraged to sing the song really fast! 

Days of the Week Song

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