Planets Song / The Solar System Song - The Singing Walrus

Planets Song / The Solar System Song

Song Title: The Solar System Song / Planets Song

Video length: 3:14

Song description: 

“The Solar System Song” is a happy, energetic song about all the planets of our solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Our characters set out on an exciting journey to learn to the names of the planets, and their order in relation to the sun.

During the verses, the song teaches the names of the planets in an easy call-and-response chant. The chorus is catchy, easy to sing along, and great for dance moves!

The song also has a fun breakdown part where the kids are challenged to repeat the names of all eight planets in one go.

Video content:

Bear, Pig, Dog, and Cat join our robot on an exciting trip through our solar system, counting them out as they pass the eight planets. During the verse part, they get to see each planet up close through the screen of their spaceship, repeating the names of each. At the end, they happily return to planet Earth.

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