Shapes Song - Interactive Video by The Singing Walrus

2D Shapes Song for Preschool – Learning Basic Shapes Through Song

Song Title: 2D Shapes Song for Preschool

Video length: 3:47

Song description: 

“Shapes Song” reminds us of the warm, groovy motown-style tunes you find in the 70s Sesame Street or Schoolhouse Rock episodes! While the verses explain each shape, the chorus repeats the simples “I see shapes / I see shapes, shapes, shapes / Everywhere I go / I see lots of shapes”. Along with retro-coloured illustrations and slightly psychedelic transformations of shapes, this music video is highly engaging!

Video content:

In each verse, a 2D shape describes itself and asks the preschool kids to guess what they are. As they introduce themselves, they turn into objects that resemble their shape, to show how they can be found in many different every day objects.

Before the chorus begins, Mother Hen invites the kids to draw the shapes in the air! We included this to actively engage the children while watching this video. They are able to look at the shape displayed on the screen, while following the moving line with their fingers in the air.

During the chorus, our characters ride a bus through a landscape in which they find lots of things made of the shapes they just learned about. The words and melody of the chorus are catchy and easy to sing along. We have also provided the lyrics on the screen for the teachers and parents!

Last but not least, we also built in a groovy breakdown part with call-and-response vocals. As all shapes appear on the screen again, a voice calls out their names, while our characters repeat them loudly. This is repeated three times (to help the memorization process)!

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