I love Summertime! / Summer Vacation Song for Kids - The Singing Walrus

I love Summertime! / Summer Vacation Song for Kids

Song Title: I Love Summertime! / Summer Vacation Song for Kids

Video length: 4:10

Song description: 

Here is our newest summer song for kids “I Love Summertime!” It’s a fun, upbeat 1980s-inspired groove that shows places to travel during the summer vacation. 

Video content:

Here is a detailed description of the video:

Every child looks forward to fun summer activities during the summer vacation! Our summer song features one of the most common travel destinations: the beach, the forest and mountains, and the city!

The first verse shows a scene at the beach where our characters enjoy building a sandcastle and go swim in the ocean. Your kids will especially enjoy seeing all the sea creatures of the underwater world as our little chicks goes snorkeling.

The second verse shows another chick happily hike through the woods and enjoy the mountain scenery. He discovers a small mountain river where he is excited to float his toy sailboat.

In the third verse, our third little chick takes a bus tour through a city, past modern and historic buildings. He explores the streets and treats himself to a big ice cream during a music festival on a warm summer night!

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