Halloween Night Song - The Singing Walrus

Halloween Night Song

A long time ago, on Halloween night,
Under the glow of the full moon’s light,
A group of children, out to trick or treat,
Find themselves locked out of the house of sweets

The three keys that will open the door,
Were stolen by creatures never seen here before,
A witch, a vampire, and skeleton pirates,
Someone must be brave enough to go out and find them

Run Run Run,
Don’t let them get you,
When the moon is bright,
It’s Halloween tonight

Run Run Run,
Before they get you,
When the moon is bright,
It’s Halloween tonight

When every living thing,
Is hiding in the silent night,
You hear a cry

Her eyes are fire flames,
But her heart is cold as ice,
Hear my advice
(Or you’ll pay the price)

Smelly robe, and pointy hat
Greenish skin, and spooky cat
Chanting spells in a high pitch
Holy Cow! She’s a witch!


Though you can barely see,
Just for a moment you believe,
There’s something in the air

In the midnight hour,
He comes to trail you in disguise,
Open your eyes
(He’s got appetite)

Pale as the moon, and quick as a bat
Fangs so long, they could poke through 10 hats
He hides in the shadows like a big tarantula
Run for you life! It’s Count Dracula!


The skeletons, the skeletons (repeat)
Their bones can shake like gelatin (repeat)
And if you hear a clickty-clack (repeat)
You’d better run, and don’t turn back! (repeat)



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