- The Singing Walrus

Song Title: Rain, Rain, Go Away

Video length: 2:15

Song description: 

ELF Learning and The Singing Walrus present our original take on the kids’ song “Rain, Rain Go Away.” We are very happy to have collaborated with ELF Learning to recreate this classic nursery rhyme for children.

The music has a district tropical vibe, and the final choruses speed up to challenge kids in a fun, interactive way. The verses include the days of the week, so that kids can practice repeating them. Perfect for preschool children and young esl/efl students!

Video content:

Join our characters on a black-and-white adventure that transforms into full colour as they wait for the sun to come out so they can play outside!

Each verse shows a character playing indoors, waiting for the rain to stop. During the chorus, they are magically transported to a colourful and sunny island, where they can play outside to their hearts’ content!

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