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The Singing Walrus Team is excited to create a new collection of free educational videos and songs for kids! Our first videos will cover numbers, the alphabet, colours, and many other basic topics. 

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We hope that our videos will be fun and inspiring for children around the world. 

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Counting Songs Alphabet Writing Lessons
screenshot chick blackboard - videos and songs for kidsFun and bouncy songs to learn the numbers! Children can immediately sing along while seeing the numbers on the screen. These songs are also available in different versions to download (interactive and instrumental).                                                                              screenshot crab letter A - videos and songs for kidsThese videos come with FREE ABC WORKSHEETS! A cute character gives step-by-step instructions on how to write the capital and small letters of the Alphabet. Each video explains one letter. Use our worksheets, or let the children write letters in the air as they watch!
Alphabet Songs Holiday Songs

ABC lullaby ThumnailCheck out our very first Alphabet Song, “ABC Lullaby”, and stay tuned for many others to come! Like all of our other songs, this song is very catchy and easy to sing along. 

Halloween 2013 thumbTeachers and parents alike become very creative over the holidays! Take a look at our Halloween song and video – we had a lot of fun creating this one  :mrgreen: and we look forward to making more for all the other holidays!  
Find the Letter Series Songs for General Topics

videos and songs for kids
This is a fun series of videos where children have to find hidden letters in colourful pictures. Each video contains two pictures: one hiding the upper case, another hiding the lower case letter. A perfect addition to our Alphabet Writing Series!


These songs cover general topics, such as ‘weather’ or ‘transportation’. We are excited about creating more songs introducing tons of fun topics! Stay tuned for more! 

Halloween Guessing Game

what's in the box (thumb)

This video is called “What’s in the Box?” and is a quick guessing game for the Halloween season. It is a fun way to introduce all the creepy creatures on Halloween! 



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