Media for Children – created by passionate teachers and artists 

The Singing Walrus is a growing collective of talented teachers, musicians, and other professionals who produce educational materials based on high quality music, art, and literature. We believe that art is an important part of a child’s development. Songs, images, and stories are more than just supplements to make learning more fun. They develop the brain, promote creativity, and help children understand their feelings and the world around them

As passionate educators and artists, we recognize the incredible creativity and imagination in children, and we hope that our Singing Walrus World will become a fun place for them to learn and enjoy. 

Customized Music for Schools and Publishers

Are you a school or publisher in search for the perfect song or music to complement your materialsWe offer schools and publishers the opportunity to incorporate the benefits of art into their media.

Check out our website for customized music: education.thesingingwalrus.com