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Good Morning and Welcome Song for Kids

 Writing a Good Morning Song

Hi folks!

Here are a couple of pictures of us at the studio, recording our new song “Good Morning”.We wanted to come up with a song that’s cheerful and happy, with a groove that reflects the hustle and bustle of an excited person in the morning. So we went for a bouncy motown/gospel arrangement, and we love the outcome! 

josh morning picJahae photo 2
Like many of our songs, “Good Morning” has easy lyrics and a call and response format to make it easier to sing along.





Good morning
Good morning
Hello, and how are you?
Early in the morning
I say “Good morning”
Hello, and how are you?

In the morning I clap my hands
In the morning I do my dance
In the morning I shout “Hurray!”
This is going to be a wonderful day

Any Ideas for a Good Morning Dance?

chick danceAs you can see, the verse involves hand clapping and dancing, which is great (not only to engage the kids but also to wake up the adults, lol), but I am sure many of you will come up with fun body movements for all the other parts of the song, too! Feel free to share your ideas with us :)



Screenshots of the Good Morning Song

This video is a “Karaoke Video”, meaning that it simply shows the lyrics on the screen. We are going to create a second video with animation soon. Check out the screenshots of the Karaoke version and feel free to comment on the song, the visuals, the music, or whatever pops up in your mind!

Good morning song title

Song Title Intro

Dog intro

Dog starts the song with his bouncy bass riff!

Hen first chorus

Mother Hen singing the chorus

Last chorus

Little chicks repeating the chorus

Verse part 1

Verse, part 1

Verse part 2

Verse, part 2


End of song



  1. cheryl taylor
    this has been a wonderful song for my preschoolers.. 5year olds... especially the possiblility to expand Today is going to be........ leaving this part for the children to use their imagination and more important to expand after prompting them with because........ thanks and keep up the wonderful work you do with songs... just love them allllll
    Reply July 3, 2017 at 12:22 am
    • Josh Grimley
      Thank you Cheryl! We appreciate your feedback :)
      Reply July 12, 2017 at 4:17 pm

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