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Jingle Bells – Making a Retro Style Animation for a Classic Christmas Song

Christmas is around the corner, and the streets are filled with lights and decorations. This winter, we created our own animation video for a Christmas classic – Jingle Bells!

You can watch the final animation here – and below you will find some sketches and screenshots. Enjoy!

It is easy to get carried away when brainstorming a Christmas video. After all, it is a festive holiday, with tons of traditional symbols and motives, such as Santa, Christmas trees, Christmas stockings, piles of gifts, candles, cookies, mistletoes, and so on! We quickly realized that we needed to decide on the goals of our Jingle Bells video. Should it be mainly funny and entertaining? Should it tell a visual story during the song? Should the music be calm and cozy or rather fast and modern?

In the end, we decided to focus on the lyrics of Jingle bells. How many children (and adults) really know the lyrics (especially those who are learning English as a foreign or second language)? We thought it might be helpful for parents and teachers to have the lyrics appear on the screen and to keep the background scenes relatively simple.

Here is a draft of the chorus scene:

Rough sketch of the chorus

Rough sketch of the chorus

Since Christmas makes us nostalgic (even more than usual), we went for retro colors and shapes :) The colors red and green dominate this scene – to make it Christmas-y!

Here is the final chorus scene:

Final chorus scene

Final chorus scene

For the verses, we created winter wonder landscapes! Here is the draft:

Jingle Bells scene 1 sketch

…and here the outcome:

Jingle Bells scene 1

The rim of the sled is actually not pink, but white! This picture is an old file…

We also created this candy-land-like winter scenery:

Jingle Bells verse 2-1 (josh) - Frame 194

We like our horse   😀 

Horse Christmas

Here is Mr. Walrus dressed up as Santa :)

Jingle Bells Walrus Santa


We hope you like our first Christmas animation. If you do, please remember to “LIKE” us on Youtube and Facebook!

Happy Holidays!!!


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